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Did you know that the law of attraction is the most important concept if you want to get success? If you understand and practice it, you will get massively successful in whatever field you are in.

This article will help you understand how to get success by using the power of thoughts. Before we discuss the law of attraction, let us first learn how the mind works.

The mind         

As we all know, the mind is the most powerful computer ever. It is what distinguishes humans from animals. The power to think objectively is the greatest gift that the maker gave us.

The mind does not only have random thoughts, it is connected to the source of all power. Therefore, the mind can create that which we direct it to create. This makes the mind a powerful tool that we can use to our advantage.

The key thing to understand here is that we have to direct our minds to get optimal results. If you do not direct it, it will roam around and create what is not in your best interest.

The bad news is that many people do not control their minds, they allow the environment to do that for them. Since the environment is always negative, their minds are ever negative.

To get success through the power of thoughts, you have to be in control of your mind.

The law of attraction explained

The law of attraction states that we attract what we focus on. This means that we get the circumstances that we think about most of the time.

If you are always thinking about poverty, you will become poor. The more you focus your thoughts on abundance, you attract it in your life. Focusing on disease also brings it to you. This is just how the mind works.

As we said, the mind is connected to the source of all power. It can create everything just by focusing on it for a considerable amount of time.

Since we are always thinking, we are always creating. We are either creating negative or positive circumstances depending on the nature of our thoughts.

No one can stop the thinking process. This means that you cannot stop the creating process, you can only direct it. This makes it an intentional process, not a passive one.

When you learn to direct your thoughts to think a certain way, you will attract those things that you think about.

How to use the law of attraction

To use the law of attraction, you must do the following:

1. Focus

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Narrow down to a few things that you desire in life. Make sure that your mind is always focusing on them.

This is the process of asking the source of all power to create it for you. You do not have to utter a word, just focus intensely on what you want.

This means that you need to have goals. They should be as clear as possible in your mind. A vague goal will only confuse the mind and this brings no results.

For example, just telling the mind you want success is too vague. This is what many people do. They want success that is not defined.

You must define to the mind what success is. Remember, the mind is a creation tool that obeys every command. If the command is not clear enough, it is impossible to obey it to satisfaction.

You also ought to make your goal big because the mind will create that which your goal is. If it is a small goal, that is what the mind will create.

The mind has infinite power. It can create everything. Therefore, you better focus on bigger things unless you want to remain small.

Whatever you give your attention to will come back to you.

2. Believe

This is where many people fail. They are not true believers. This is where the challenge is.

You must believe that the source of all power will do what you desire. Believe also in the process. Understand and believe that the law of attraction works and it will work for you.

You must not have an iota of doubt. Even in times of discouragement, shield your mind from unbelief. Any unbelief retrogresses your life and erodes the gains you have made.

This is what makes successful people confident in what they are doing. This is because they are true believers.

3. Have gratitude

Gratitude is an important part of the process. Thank the source of all power for giving you whatever you have asked even before it manifests.

Successful people understand that they cannot afford to complain. Complaining is just a sign that you lack belief. Successful people understand that every setback is temporary because they trust the power and the process.

People who do not understand the law of attraction always complain over small misfortunes in their lives. As they complain, they become negative and attract negative circumstances.

Keep an attitude of gratitude even amid troubles. This is the final test before the source of all power gives you that which you desire.

The process is simple: focus, believe, and have gratitude. This process is sure and unfailing; if you follow it, it will bring the expected results.

Tactics of implementing the law of attraction

There are several things you can do to let the law of attraction work in and for you. These include:

1. Have goals

As we said, setting goals is the first step when it comes to attracting success through the law of attraction.

Set goals depending on what you want to achieve in life (The true definition of success according to you). Make sure that the goals are big enough to challenge and motivate you.

Without goals, your mind will have nothing to attract. There will be no command to execute. Therefore, you will be a victim of circumstances.

2. Write your goals

Writing your goals has tremendous power. When something is not written down, the mind will take it as not so important. To make it a priority, write it in big letters.

Write your vision where you can easily see it. This can be as the wallpaper of your electronic devices, on your desk, on the walls of your house, on the steering wheel of your car, on your notebook, etc.

Make the writings as visible as possible. The aim is to see them as often as possible.

3. Read your goals always

After reading your goals, you need to read them often. I recommend 3 times a day. Remember, the aim is to focus on them. The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives what we focus on.

The more you read your goals, the more mental focus and attention you give them.

4. Affirmation

Another way of helping your mind focus on what you want is through affirmations. Affirmations are positive words that you say to yourself now and then.

When you repeat to yourself certain positive words, you do not only focus but you believe in them.

We get belief through repetition. What is constantly repeated to our minds is what we end up believing. Therefore, keep repeating what you want to see to yourself.

What you keep repeating to yourself will manifest in your life.

5. Dream big

Big dreams have a way of capturing the attention of our minds. Since big dreams are a bit scary to us, our minds tend to focus on them.

The mind will always give preference to something scary. Imagine that you meet a lion and a cat, what will you focus on? You will focus on the lion because it scares the hell out of you.

This also happens to our big dreams. The mind will always give attention to a dream that is challenging and one considered hard to achieve.

Big dreams also excite our minds. This is because our minds love to explore new unfamiliar territories. It is exciting to grow and get what you have never gotten.

Therefore, big dreams capture the attention of our minds. The more we dream big, the more we attract those circumstances in our lives.

6. Meditation

Meditation is a proven way of capturing the attention of our minds and directing them appropriately.

Eliminate all distractions and focus your mind on what you want in life for around 15-30 minutes. This can be a good family, wealth, a happy life, a better career, etc.

During meditation, your mind will try to go astray. You have to bring it to concentration. The more you force it to focus on what you want, the more it takes that as important in your life.

It will then end up giving what you meditate on a priority in life. It is this focus that attracts things in our lives.

Even if you will meditate for only 15 minutes per day, just do it because it will change your life over time.

7. Go public

We hate shame. We hate to disappoint other people. When you tell your goals to others, you tend to be more accountable. To avoid public failure, your mind will work around the clock to create your dreams.

Therefore, tell your dreams to your family and friends. Let them hold you accountable. Promise them that you will achieve those dreams.

Do not tell your goals to people who do not care about you. Tell it to those who have your best interest at heart. Tell it to those you respect and those you mentor. This will keep you accountable at all times.

Infinite possibilities

The law of attraction means infinite possibilities. There is nothing it cannot bring to you. Everything is possible because your mind is connected to the source of all things.

Your mind is thus powerful beyond measure. Use it to better your life and become everything you were meant to become.

Mindset and the law of attraction

When we talk of the law of attraction, we are not talking about your mind power (Intellect) but your mindset (Mentality). This is how you see life; your perspective and point of view.

Your mind power is not as important as your mindset when it comes to getting success. A person with good mind power and a wrong mindset will end up being a slave in life.

Such a person will be proud for nothing. They will end up being used to manifest the dreams of people who have the right mindset.

I am not saying that your mind power is not important, I am just saying that your mindset plays a bigger role.

Imagine mind power as the speed and mindset as the direction; no matter how fast you move in the wrong direction, can you get to your destination? Never!

However, even if you move slowly in the right direction, you will slowly but surely get to your destination.

Therefore, balance your mind power and your mindset. This will bring you success and sustain it.

How to change your mindset

1. Realize that you need to change it

You cannot change what you do not know. You have to see the need for change. This happens through exposure. When you meet a person with the right mindset, you feel the need to change yours.

2. Change it

After realizing that you need to change it, go ahead and change it. You only change your mindset by association. Mindsets are contagious. The more you interact with people who have the right mindsets, you contract it.

You can do this by:

  • Reading their books and blogs.
  • Becoming their friends.
  • Becoming their mentees.
  • Watch their videos.
  • Attend their seminars.

Anything that helps you interact with people who have the right mindset is important for you at this stage.

3. Protect it

After getting the right mindset, protect it by repelling negative thoughts and people. Refuse to accept any negativity because it will dilute your good mindset.

Keep away from people who tell you negative things; those who only see impossibilities. Avoid listening to programs that bring negativity. Reject any negative thought that comes into your mind.

4. Repeat the process

The process of changing your mindset is a continuous one. It is not a one-time process. After getting a certain level, you need to realize the need for the next level of thinking and go ahead get it.

Where to apply the law of attraction

The law of attraction can be applied in all fields of life. These include:

In a nutshell, it is applicable everywhere.

Word of caution on the law of attraction

The law of attraction cannot work in isolation. You cannot obey one law and disregard the others. Success only comes when your life is in harmony with all the laws of the universe.

You have to work hard, work smart, get knowledge, take risks, get management and leadership skills, persevere, provide value, and serve others.

However, when you start working on the law of attraction, it will help you accomplish all of the above. It will be much easier to obey other laws after changing your mindset.

Final thoughts on the law of attraction

From what we have discussed in this article, we understand that success is not just gotten, it is attracted. You attract it by focusing your thoughts.

If you use your thoughts positively, you will surely become successful in all spheres of life. After all, success is not success if it is not holistic.

Go ahead and apply the law of attraction in your life.

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