It is astonishing how easily rich people make money. It is also astonishing how everybody else struggles to make it. The difference is in understanding the rules of money.

Why do people who went to the same college get to very different levels in life? It must be because of something that was not taught in school. If it was taught in school, the two classmates would get the same level of success.

Have you noted that when people start making legit money they never go back to poverty? They continue making much more. It is because of understanding the rules of money. Once they receive the understanding, money flows to them easily and effortlessly.

Many people struggle in life not because they do not work hard but because they do not understand the rules of money. It is that simple. In fact, some of the most hardworking people struggle the most.

Most of the ultra-wealthy people do not even work. They are retired but they continue making millions. They have understood the rules of money. With the understanding, they make more in a day than most people make in a lifetime.

You may know everything else but if you do not understand the rules of money, you will never make enough.

10 rules of money you should know about

Here are the 10 rules of money that every successful person understands and follows. Learn them keenly and write them down. They will change your life.

Pay yourself first

Paying yourself first means putting away money for investment purposes before you start consuming your income. It means investing before consuming.

Many people consume their income and invest what is left. Most of the time, nothing is left after consumption because they do not leave below their means. This keeps them poor.

Successful people decide to invest a specific percentage of their income every month. When they receive their income, they immediately put away investment capital. They then budget for what is left.

Paying yourself first calls for financial discipline. Learn more about how to pay yourself first.

Make money work for you

Successful people never work for money; they let money work for them. Just this one simple rule can bring a paradigm shift in your finances.

Instead of going to work every morning to get a paycheck at the end of the month, deploy money to bring you more money.

Your money can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. It never strikes, never gets tired, never sick, and never needs any leave. 

This is how successful people make money even without working. Money is busy working for them.

If you do not find a way of having money work for you, you will never make a fortune.

Learn how to invest

To make more money, you have to invest what you have now. This is what money working for you is about.

All ultra-wealthy individuals are great investors. This means that they know how to multiply their money. When they receive 1000, they know how to make it 10,000. 

This is how a poor person becomes financially stable. It is how a financially stable person becomes a millionaire. It is also how a millionaire becomes a millionaire.

Read our article on rules of investing to get investment basics.

Always spend less than you earn

This is called living below your means. It means sacrificing the little you have now to enjoy much in the future. This is financial intelligence.

Many people spend everything they earn. They even borrow more to finance the deficit in their income and lifestyle. This is financial suicide.

When many people get a higher income, they also increase their expenses to match the new income. This is called the rat race. When they get a pay raise, they think of moving to a bigger house or buying a new car.

If you will get successful, always live below your means. You can then invest the income above your expenses. If you do not, what will you do when you will not be able to work? You will have to get financial assistance to survive.

Do not be a hater of money

If you hate money, it will run away from you. Money is only attracted to people who love it directly or indirectly.

If you do not believe that you are not talented enough to make money, you hate money. If you believe that money is evil, you hate it. When you hold the belief that all rich people are crooks, you just hate money.

Every negative thought, word, or action you do shows hatred for money. You have to fight those beliefs that keep people poor. Also, avoid making excuses

Believe that money is neutral. It is people who are evil.

Learn to earn passive income

Passive income is the income you make without working. With passive income, you can be asleep but still make money. 

Read: the 3 classifications of income to understand more. You can also read how to make money working from home.

As the adage says; if you do not find a way of working as you sleep, you will have to work all your days.

Have a plan and set goals

If you do not set goals, you will not be motivated to go out and work. Goals act as fuel for our hard work.

When setting goals, make sure that they are big enough to challenges you. Make sure that they are big enough to make you look crazy.

All successful people have big goals. These goals motivate them to work extra hard as other people sleep.

From this article, learn how to set goals

Money is a game, learn how to play it

Money is a game. In this game, you may lose money or make more. When you make money, you are happy. When you lose money, you learn.

If you take money as a game, you will enjoy what you do and make your life more fulfilling. You will not give up when you lose money because it is normal.

If you do not lose money, it means that you are not making any initiative. When you start doing something worthwhile, you will lose money. If you do not give up, you will make much more.

Do not be a slave of money

Money is a good servant but a bad master. When you become a slave of money, you will become the evilest person on earth. Money can make you do the unthinkable if you do not have self-control.

Developing a strong mindset and having internal controls will make you a master of money. You will not change after getting enough money. You will still be kind, caring, and humble.

Use the money to solve problems in the world

After making money, use it to make the world better. This is called philanthropy. 

For example, Bill Gates is using his billions to eradicate diseases and promote education globally. Warren Buffet has pledged 99% of his wealth to charity after death. This is what life is about.

You can opt to start a foundation or a social business to help eradicate a problem in your community. Even educating one poor lad is philanthropy. It is not how much you give but how much is left after you give.


Making money is easy for those who understand these 10 rules of money. On the other hand, it is very hard for those who do not understand the rules. It all depends on where you are positioned.

These rules of money are strong enough to make you financially free if you follow them diligently. They will make you everything you have ever wanted to become. This is a guarantee. 

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