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Redeeming time is a crucial subject in life. Time is your second greatest factor of success (after yourself). Your body, soul, and mind are the greatest factors of success. Right after them, time comes in. This is a fact that many people fail to recognize or do not take seriously.

Despite time being this important, it is one of the most wasted resources in the world. Most people fail to realize that time is a fixed resource; you cannot get more. They also do not realize that time wasted cannot be recovered. Once a second is gone, it is gone forever. When a day is wasted, it is wasted forever.

All the time we have

The average global life expectancy rate is around 69 years (67 for males and 71 for females). This means that we have around 25,000 days to live. It means that wasting a day is equivalent to wasting 0.004% of your life. This is too much to waste. And that is just one day wasted.

People waste time on virtually everything. There is a rule we developed at Giimark Limited that say that Giimark’s rule of success. It states that ‘The quality of results you get is inversely proportional to the amount of time you waste’.

People waste time on many things including oversleeping, social media, reading irrelevant books, watching movies, visiting friends, arguing about politics and football, reading newspapers, chatting, just relaxing, playing computer games, reading irrelevant blogs, etc.

On average, people spend 1 hour on social media, 3 hours oversleeping, 2 hours watching television, 1 hour talking, 1 hour traveling and the worst of all, 5 hours at work without working. If you add these to 6 hours of normal sleep, you get a total of 19 unproductive hours. This leaves less than 5 hours of which the average person is productive.

During the weekend, most people waste 24 hours. This means that people work 25 hours every week (5 hours every day by 5 days a week). A week has 168 hours.

If they are productive for 25 hours every week, it gives us a productivity rate of less than 15% (14.88% to be precise). This means that more than 85% of life is wasted. This is a waste of precious potential that the maker deposited in all of us.

Success and time management

Successful people are good time managers. They avoid wasting time as much as possible. This is why they accomplish more in one year than most people accomplish in a lifetime. This is the secret of success.

Reasons why people fail to start

Personally, I work 16-18 hours every day. I go to bed at around 5-6 in the morning. This means that I work the whole night and a good part of the day.

There is a popular quote that says that 5 am is the time legends wake up or go to sleep. This is definitely true. This is why I accomplish so much within a small period. It does not mean that I am super talented, it just means that I am productive.

What time do you sleep and wake up? How many hours do you waste every day? Have you given your life to vanity? Are you following trends instead of being a trendsetter?

How many hours do you work in a day? How many of those hours do you work for yourself? What percentage of your potential are you wasting? These are critical questions that you need to answer honestly.

I noted that successful people do not watch television, they are rarely on social media unless it is promoting their interest, they do not oversleep, they do not work for other people, they do not party unless they are successful, etc. This enables them to save as much time as possible to work on their dreams.

There is an old adage that says that if you work for a few hours every day, you will be way much behind the person who works more hours every day. If you put a little effort, you will be way much behind the person who puts more effort every day.

Redeeming time

Time wasted cannot be recovered but it can be redeemed. This means that you are not condemned if you have been wasting time. You can redeem the lost time. There are two main ways of doing that.

Work more than it takes to get success

This is a big one. If it takes 12 hours of productive work every day to get success, you can redeem the time you have wasted by working more than 12 hours daily. You can choose to work for 16 hours.

12 hours are the mandatory hours you need for success while the 4 extra hours will compensate for the time you lost in the past. Over time, you will redeem the lost time even though you will not recover it. This is a way of accelerating your life forward.

Have others work for you

This is what the super successful individuals do. They hire other people to work on their dreams and they end up accomplishing so much in just 24 hours. If you have 10 employees who work for you (Each working for 8 hours a day), it means that you have worked for 80 hours in just 24 hours. This is the secret of redeeming the time.

This is how successful people get more than 24 hours every day. They buy people’s time. Such people know that time is more precious than money. They ensure that they get more from the employee than they give them in wages.

This is a growth mindset. Woe unto you if you sell your time for money. This is because you will never achieve success using this method.


If you are going to be successful, redeeming time is critical. If you have never wasted time as a young person, you can use the two strategies to accelerate your success and get way ahead of everybody else.

I have just taught you what makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. It is not about how much money you have but how well you allocate your time. It is now time to implement the two strategies in your life.

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