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Building an online brand presence was easy 20 years ago. Today, it is extremely hard. This is because digital marketing has become a widely accepted idea in business circles. As more businesses get online, the level of competition goes through the roof.

Today, getting noticed online takes a lot of effort. You have to put in everything you have to stand out. Similarly, it takes knowledge to get ahead of everyone else in the online space.

I know of many businesses that have no websites. Others have no social media pages. Those that have websites get no traffic to their sites. This is dangerous in this era.

The numbers

More than 4.5 billion people are active online. This is more than half of the global population. There are almost 2 billion websites on the web. 2.75 million blog posts are published every day.

There are around 500 million blogs online. There are around 104 million bloggers in the world.

These numbers show the intense competition one has to beat to stand out. Let us agree, it is extremely hard to build a strong online brand presence.

Tips for building a strong online brand presence

1. Utilize social media

Being on social media is the easiest way of having an online presence for brands. It is all free. No business can give any excuse for not having social media pages and timelines.

There are more than 4 billion active social media users. This is the population of several continents combined. It is a market that no one can ignore.

To be effective on social media, you need to understand what potential clients are doing there. For example, long posts are less effective on Facebook and more effective on LinkedIn.

When you have that understanding, it is easy to offer what your potential clients need. Learn how to grow your social media following in this article (How to grow your social media following)

2. Start a website

All serious brands have websites. It is your business card in the online world. Many customers visit the company’s website first before they decide to do business with it.

Therefore, getting a professional website and having it optimized for great user experience is critical.

Your website should educate people and answer their most pressing questions. It should give your prospects the first impression of your company.

To start a website:

  • Get a domain name. It should be short. It should also bear the name of your business. They cost as little as 1$.
  • Get hosting services. This is where all your website’s data is stored. From here, it is served to the customers as requested by the browser.
  • Build the website pages. You should have an about us page, our services page, a blog page, and contact us. That is the least you can have on your business website.

Make sure you work on the website to suit the needs of the customer.

3. Optimize your website

To give the best user experience for your online visitors, you need to optimize your website to suit them.

If your website loads slowly, your customers will be frustrated. They will leave and head straight to your competitor’s site. If the words are not legible, they will also leave unsatisfied.

If the most relevant information is not available in a few clicks, your customers will not become buyers.

Have a proper website structure for optimum user experience. A good website structure will encourage visitors to visit more pages.

4. Develop an online strategy

An online strategy is important in keeping you focused. It should contain policies that guide your quest for a stronger and better online brand presence.

For example, you can decide to focus on two or three social media sites. Clearly define how often you post content on different platforms. Have a clear policy on content promotion.

The strategy will act as a guide. It will keep you on course at all times.

5. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means optimizing your online content to rank on different search engines.

Results that appear on the first page of Google search get 92% of the traffic. This is how important it is to do SEO.

Read how to do SEO for marketing in this post.

6. Paid ads

To grow your online brand presence, you can opt to pay to get traffic. This includes Search engine marketing (SEM) and social media advertising.

For me, I use Facebook ads often. They are cheap and effective. I also use them to drive traffic to my website.

Understand the advertising channels that work for you and use them. Sometimes, you have to use money to make money.

7. Create amazing content

Having a blog on your business website is not an option if you want business success. Content marketing is the most effective form of marketing in this era.

Research shows that companies that do blogging get 13 times more returns on investment (ROI).

This is why blogging is important:

  • By giving people value through content, they tend to reciprocate by becoming loyal to your business.
  • You get free traffic from search engines. Search engines love pages that educate their customers. You can then convert this traffic to customers.
  • You get a chance to educate your customers on how to use your product.

Get other people to help you write amazing content that is related to your product offering.

8. Consistent branding

Branding has a lot to do with visual presentation. This presentation requires consistency.

People do not trust brands that are not consistent in their branding. This is why you should avoid making branding changes unless it is necessary.

Keep your blog and social media consistent. Let the colors, design, tone, etc. be consistent all through.

9. Be market-oriented

Market orientation means first analyzing the demand before providing the supply. This is the opposite of production orientation. In the latter, you produced and hoped people will buy.

To create a strong online brand presence, you have to be market-oriented. Analyze the demand first and then create something magnificent to satisfy that demand.

When writing a blog post, it is important to do your keyword research. This will tell you what people are looking for.

Similarly, compare the performance of different content on the blog and social media to know what your customers want.

After realizing what they want, give them just that.

10. Guest blogging

This is a great way of improving your online brand presence. When you write for another site, they mention you and your business in the author’s box.

They can also link back to your site. This is good for SEO. Backlinks are one of the strongest ranking factors on Google.

If the site has many visitors, you can get high brand exposure. This grows your brand and increases your online presence significantly.

11. Use influencers/ ambassadors

Influencers are online celebrities. These people have a massive social media following. Their followers are also loyal to them and often do what they are told to do without rationale.

When an influencer shares your content or mentions your business on their online platforms, you get massive publicity.

Many influencers will ask you to pay them for these services. If what they are asking for is something you can afford, it is a tactic worth implementing.

Ambassadors also promote your content but mostly for free. They just love your content and are ready to share it.

12. Build an email list

Email marketing is still one of the best ways of connecting with customers. It is an effective low-cost strategy that all businesses can do.

To begin with, set up an email collection funnel. You can ask the customers to give you their emails in exchange for a giveaway. This can be an eBook, a video, etc.

Put the email collecting funnel in a place where it is easily visible. The best way is to use a pop-up or a floating bar on your website.

After getting the emails, use them to connect with your customers on a deeper and personal level.

13. Do a competitors’ analysis

Another way of growing your online brand presence is to spy on your competitors. If your competitors are doing better than you, it is important to understand what they are doing.

In case your blog is not ranking as high as your competitors, analyze their blog, and try to improve yours.

If your competitor has a massive organic following on Facebook or Twitter, it is good to understand their secrets to that success.

After the analysis, update your online strategy to take into consideration what is giving your competitors success. This is guaranteed to work.

14. Post often

It has been proven that bloggers who post often get better results than the rest. Similarly, posting often on social media creates a stronger connection between the business and the customers.

Purpose to write at least 3 quality articles for your blog every week. If you can do more, please do.

I have made it a habit of posting on my Facebook page every day. This means that my followers are constantly engaged. This is good for me.

15. Create a network

You cannot make it alone. As people say, no one is really self-made. People are made by other people.

Create a network of different people who can be of help to your brand online. This can be guest bloggers, ambassadors, loyal followers, etc.

The quality of your network will determine the magnitude of your success.

16. Join web communities

There are many web community platforms. If you are an active member of these communities, you tend to attract massive publicity. This is good for your brand.

17. Measure and improve

To grow your online brand presence, you have to measure it. As the saying goes, what can be measured can be improved.

Have Google analytics on your website to track user behavior. It will show you how people interact with different pages on your site, how long they take, where they come from etc.

Google Search Console is also a great tool for content publishers. Use it to understand which queries are driving traffic to your site. You will also know how many people clicked to your site from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

Your Facebook page contains an insights tab. Analyze the performance of your post against your expectations.

This information can be used to improve your content offering. Use it to make informed decisions.

18. Use videos

Videos are taking over the web. Nowadays, people prefer to watch a video rather than read an article.

You can start a YouTube channel and upload high-quality videos often. This will help increase your online presence.

The length of the video should be determined by what your audience needs.  Some need long educative videos while others want short inspiring videos.

Having a video on your blog post is also a ranking factor on Google. This will help you rank higher.

19. Giveaways

People love free things. Free things attract people. You can give away an eBook (Like we do) to capture your audience and have them read your content.

Develop quality products for purposes of giving. You can then incorporate marketing messages in them. As people get gifts, they also get marketing messages.

21. Have a mobile app

Nowadays, there are apps for everything. This is because people have realized that apps are better than websites in most cases.

An app can be installed but a website can’t (Unless you use Progressive Web Applications as we do). By installing it on the customers’ devices, they can interact with it more.

This makes it more memorable. Memorability increases brand exposure and performance.

Having an app is never easy. They are quite expensive to develop. However, if your budget allows you to have one, go ahead, and have it developed.

21. Automation

Online processes can easily be automated. This reduces the effort needed to do them.

You can automate email marketing campaigns. It is possible to schedule blog posts publishing automatically. The same applies to social media.

This means that you can develop content for the whole month and then schedule its publishing. This will relieve you to do other things.

Final thoughts on online brand presence

This comprehensive guide on online brand presence has endeavored to provide as much information as possible. It was meant to help you build a stronger online presence than your competitors.

This is something you ought to do to remain competitive in business. You cannot ignore the web and grow.

Implement the 21 secrets and the results will surprise you. All the best.

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