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Open-minded people can learn from anything, anywhere, and in any circumstance. These life lessons make these people successful over time.

I had a wedding on 22nd August 2020 and I learned a lot from it. I was constantly looking for life lessons that I can get from the whole ceremony right from the preparation stage to the honeymoon.

In this article, I will share 10 great life lessons that I learned from the wedding. These lessons can act as a guide to you in the future. Make sure you do not make mistakes that can cost you a lifetime.

Life lessons that I learned from my wedding

  • Plans and dreams do manifest.
  • People are the greatest resources.
  • Not everyone on your friends’ list is your friend.
  • Private ceremonies are better than public ones.
  • Always keep the cost low.
  • There is life after ceremonies.
  • Always keep your family first.
  • One willing person is better than 10 unwilling people.
  • Marriage is better than the wedding.
  • Have faith and trust God.

Let’s look at each.

1. Plans and dreams do manifest

I started dating my wife in 11th May 2016. When we met, we knew that there was no turning back. We got into a serious relationship and we knew that it would lead to marriage.

I remember us setting the date for our wedding in the same month of May 2016. Guess what the date was? 22nd August 2020; the same day we had the wedding.

The wedding day also happened to be my birthday. We planned it back in 2016. That is almost 5 years ago.

The lesson here is that plans do manifest. There is nothing you set to achieve that you cannot achieve. With commitment and dedication, your plans and dreams will come true.

Start planning and dreaming today. Have a short, middle, and long term plan for your life. Start working towards them and you will achieve them.

I cannot assure you that the process of manifesting your dreams will be without hurdles, no! There will be obstacles daily. However, if you are committed to your dreams, you will overcome them all.

2. People are the greatest resources.

Never put your hope in money. No matter how much money you have, it is the people who will make life sweet and ceremonies colorful.

You may not have money but if you have good people around you, nothing will fail. These people will end up going out of their way to help you succeed.

This is why the greatest investment you can make is on good networks. Be in good terms with good people at all times. Win their favor and they will support you with their lives.

It is important to show up when other people need you because you will also need them someday. If you never showed up when they needed you, there is a high probability that they will also not show up when you need them.

3. Not everyone in your friends’ list is your friend

We have many people who pretend to be our friends when their support and sacrifice is not needed. However, many of these people are not your friends.

You will only know your true friends when you need their support. Many will blue-tick you and give you false promises.

You will realize that more than 80% of your friends are not friends indeed. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

After you realize that some friends were never friends indeed, eliminate them from the list because they will end up giving you pain in life. Stick to those who can go out of their way to see you happy.

4. Private ceremonies are better than public ones

There is a reason why many people prefer private ceremonies nowadays. This is because, in private ceremonies, you only invite those people who have your best interest at heart.

In public ceremonies, there will be around 500-1000 people but only 1% of them like you. The rest are there to eat and get something to gossip about. Others are there because they had nothing else to do at that time.

Such people are an unnecessary burden and liability. They only consume your resources and yet, they gossip about you later.

To avoid this, we decided since 2016 to do a private ceremony. Our wedding only had around 40 people. Even if we did not have the COVID-19 situation, we would still have done a private ceremony.

5. Always keep the cost low

Never borrow to do an event unless you are certain that the event will give you money. Never drain your bank account for an event. This is a great financial mistake.

In any event, always keep the costs low. Here is how to keep costs low:

  • Invite fewer people.
  • Involve people in planning and contribution.
  • Avoid flashy ceremonies.
  • Have a budget.
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Observe financial principles to ensure prudence in your spending.

6. There is life after ceremonies

Life does not end after your event, it continues without fail. The bills you had will still be there. Your job or business will still have to be attended to. Your dreams will still need your attention and hard work.

It is therefore prudent to think of life after the ceremony even as you plan it. This will ensure that you do not make decisions that cater to the present at the expense of the future.

This is why you need to keep your budget low. Avoid wastage of resources at every step.

7. Always keep your family first

In your time of need, it is your family that will come to your rescue. This is mostly your immediate/nuclear family.

In most cases, your extended family will disappoint you. Your cousins may never show up. The same case applies to your uncles and aunties.

Most of your friends will never show up when you need them. This is why you should never betray your immediate family member because of friends.

In normal circumstances, your parents will be at the forefront. They will carry your burden like it is theirs. They will be your support system.

Your sisters and brothers will also be critical in the success of your events. Involve them in every step.

A few cousins, aunties, and uncles will also give you support. These make up a very small percentage.

In this regard, hold your immediate family in high regard. Honor the few members of the extended family that would never disappoint you.

8. One willing person is better than 10 unwilling ones.

This statement is very true. Kindness is not determined by how many people have but by their willingness to be kind.

One person may not have money but they will do everything possible to support you. Another one may have all the money but they are not ready to support you.

It is better to have a few willing people than many unwilling ones. When you get that kind soul, appreciate them and stand by them.

One person can give more money than everybody else combined. This is a mystery. It does not mean that they are the richest in the group but they are the most kind.

9. Marriage is better than the wedding

Do not focus on having a colorful wedding but on having a colorful marriage. The wedding is a one-day event but marriage is a lifetime event.

Marry a person who would make a good marriage partner, not one who would make the wedding colorful.

If you marry the wrong person, you are doomed for life. Therefore, in as much as the wedding is important, marriage is of high priority.

10. Have faith and trust God

In every ceremony, there will be uncertainty. You will be anxious not knowing how things will go. This is normal.

In most circumstances, there will be unsorted issues that you do not have control over.

The best thing to do is to have faith that everything will be alright. Trust that God will make everything happen at its appointed time. He never disappoints.

If you trust God and have faith, everything will supersede your expectation. People will support you from all corners and everything will be easy.

Final thoughts on life lessons from my wedding

These life lessons are critical to life. If you have a ceremony soon, be sure to follow these life lessons. They will act as a guide to your heart and a lamp to your feet.

In all you do, remember to put God first and think about the future more than the present. If you do this, everything will turn out alright.

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