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Why do many people struggle to make a thousand while others make billions without much effort? This may look like a mystery to many but I finally discovered the answer. After thinking about that question critically for months, I finally realized how to succeed in life the easy way.

I discovered that people struggle to make a living because they do not know how to. Others make billions because they know how to do it. It is this simple.

You can never succeed above the level of your knowledge about success.

Have you ever known that once you make a thousand, making a thousand becomes easy for you from that point on? This is certainly true. Similarly, when you make a million or a billion, making the same amount becomes easy for you henceforth.

Therefore, there is a science of making it in life. It explains how to get success in life. If you can master this science, how to succeed in life will never be a mystery to you again.

How to succeed in life in different economic eras

According to Robert Kiyosaki, we have had four different economic ages. How to succeed in life has been different in these ages. As age passes, so does the science of making wealth change.

  • Hunting and Gathering Age – In this age, people hunted for a living. The greatest hunter was the most recognized but not the most successful. The chiefs had the privilege of having others hunt for them.
  • The Agrarian Age – In this age, the person with the land was the most successful. Other people would work as peasants on farms.
  • The Industrial Age – At this age, the person who owned the factory was the most successful. The rest worked in the factories.
  • The Information Age – This is the age we are currently in. At this age, the person with the information gets success. The person with no information works for the person who has the information.

In all these ages, you can notice one thing; the person without works for the person with the ownership. The factors of success may have changed but the science of success is the same.

In the Hunting and Gathering age, it was the title that made one successful. In the Agrarian age, it was the plantations that made people successful. During the Industrial Age, it was the factories that made people successful. In the Information Age, it is what you know that makes you successful.

In as much as we get information, the information has to be relevant and timely. Following the old formulas will never give you success.

How to succeed in life as an owner

The principle of success is the same; own something and have others work for you. This has not changed since creation. This is never going to change.

The owners become ultra-wealthy while those who work for them become peasants.

Look at the most successful people, like Jack Ma and Bill Gates. They may not be known but all of them own an income-generating system in the name of a business.

Look at the poorest people in any country; they are those who do not own any income-generating system. This is the only difference between success and failure.

If you want success, make sure you own something or a lot of things. You must then have other people work for you. Scale this system until it creates wealth for you as you sleep.

How to succeed in life in the information age

In this age, as we have said, knowledge is the basic success factor. However, do not equate going to school to knowing. These are completely different things.

We have many educated fools. These are people who went to school but the rarely have any relevant knowledge. For knowledge to be helpful, it has to be relevant.

Many people know so much about footballers and yet, they do not earn from it. This is not relevant knowledge since it does not improve your welfare of life.

It is better to know less relevant information than more irrelevant information. Even little relevant information can catapult you to success.

How to succeed in life

As we have pointed out, becoming an owner is the secret to success in life. It is how to succeed in life. There is no other safe and sustainable way.

Owners are not like everybody else. They have some characteristics that distinguish them from others. Here is how to succeed in life in this era.

  • Owners are open-minded.
  • They never give up.
  • They give a lot of value to others.
  • Owners have some lofty goals.
  • Owners are positive about the future.
  • They break some generational rules.
  • They are creative.
  • Owners mind their own business.
  • Owners work hard.
  • They take risks.

Let’s look at each:

1. Owners are open-minded

The greatest enemy of humanity is not death, but ignorance. It is ignorance that brings 99% of problems in life. When ignorance is banished from an individual’s life, success is not a matter of if but when.

People who own mega money-making systems are open-minded. They are not slaves of ignorance. They love seeking knowledge and putting it into good use.

Average people, on the other hand, think they know everything. They need not read a book or a blog post. Their ignorance matures and becomes arrogance.

Owners understand that there is much to learn even from the most unlikely circumstances. They keep an open mind and learn as much as they can. This is how they develop high growth business ideas.

2. Owners never give up

Life does not judge you based on what you start but what you finish. Even if you start a hundred projects and finish none, life will judge you harshly.

Of 100 people that start a project, only 5 hold on to the end. This is a 95% quitting rate.

When people tell you that only 5% make it in life, it does not mean that you only have a 5% chance of success; it just means that you cannot give up like the 95%.

When you decide to hold on to your dream no matter what happens, you will finally succeed. The challenges people get along the way are a test of commitment to the goal.

Unfortunately, many fail in the test. They think that the challenges are real and so, they quit. Successful people know that it is just a test. They persevere and get the reward.

As the famous Winston Churchill’s speech points out, never give up!

3. They Give a lot of value to others

Successful people know that money is attracted to the value given. This is what trade is about; I give you value, you give me money.

Many people do not understand the simplicity of the above statement. This is why they do not know how to succeed in life.

Successful people understand that for people to bring you money, you have to give them value.

Look at these scenarios:

  • Do you pay to do a Google search? No! it is all free. However, Google still makes money through the platform. Billions of dollars every year.
  • Does Facebook charge users for interacting with each other on their platform? No! it is free. However, Facebook makes billions in advertisement revenue.
  • Did you pay to read this blog? No, you did not. However, we still make money from this blog.

This is just the way it is. Successful people find a way of giving people value for free first and then figure out how to make money from the same.

Did you know that Twitter did not make money for the first year of existence? They never did. However, people were still using the platform.

This is the greatest secret of billionaires; find a service people need, give it for free, and then find a way of making money later.

Even if you do not leave with anything else from this post, make sure you understand this concept. It will help you in life.

4. Owners have some lofty goals

I cannot overemphasize the importance of having lofty goals.  This is how to get success in life.

Proper goal setting is the foundation of all success. When you mess during the foundational stage, your building will never hold for long. It will collapse when storms and winds rage.

This is where many people make a mistake. It affects the rest of their actions.

When you set small goals, you get less motivated. When you get less motivated, you put average effort. Average effort produces average results.

Having this understanding, successful people aim for the stars. They set goals that seem crazy to average people. Most of their goals seem unrealistic and unattainable.

Even if they do not achieve all their lofty goals, they are way much ahead of people who set mediocre goals and achieve them.

The point here is that you should set goals that challenge you every morning and night. Set goals that make you shiver. Your goals should keep you on your toes, make you decisive, and motivate you to work even harder.

5. Owners are positive about the future

You will never find a successful person who is negative about life. Successful people hate negativity. They get angry when you try to become negative in their presence.

It is this faith in the future that gives owners power in the present. When you know that your destiny is guaranteed, no one can convince you otherwise.

When you become negative about life, you attract negative circumstances. Remember, as a man thinks, so he is.

The law of attraction states that we attract what we think about most of the time. The law of harvest dictates that you cannot sow negative thoughts and reap positive circumstances.

The universe is full of energy that creates whatever we give heed to in our mind.

Beware of what you think about. Every negative thought will diminish your power to get success in life.

6. They break some generational rules

Successful people do not follow all the rules. They understand that some rules were made by people who had no business succeeding. Owners understand that not all rules promote their interest.

Many people are held hostage by negative communal and family beliefs that have no basis. Such beliefs neither add value to us nor promote our welfare.

If you are going to get success, there are some rules that you should break. The fact that no one has ever succeeded in your family does not mean that you should not.

Break the existing oppressive rules and make some progressive ones for you and your family. If not, you will end up where the masses end; nowhere.

7. They are creative

Creativity is the source of all differentiation in this competitive world. It is creativity that sets successful people apart from the rest.

In life and business, you cannot afford to fit in; you need to stand out. People fit in because they imitate others.

Successful people stand out because they are creative; they invent and innovate new ways of doing things. This is why they get the first-mover advantage.

8. Owners mind their own business

If you want success in life, you have to train yourself to mind your own business. This means not concentrating on what is happening in other people’s lives because you are busy thinking and making yours.

When another person succeeds before you, do not envy them, just concentrate on understanding how to succeed in life. The best you can do is to use their success as an inspiration to get yours.

Many people also fail to succeed because they concentrate on the failure of others. They think they are doing well just because their neighbor is worse off.

This mentality of competition has kept the masses poor. People should only compete against their potential. This is your real standard and gauge in life.

9. Owners work hard

If you want to become an owner, you have to work harder than the average people do. Owning a system is first responsibility before it becomes a privilege.

For the first few years of being your own boss, you have to give at least 14 hours of work daily. This is the least number of hours daily that can help a project take off. This is called the building stage.

After the building stage is over and the system is established to survive on its own, you can retire and spend your days on the beach. All this time, the money will be flowing to your bank account.

If you do not want to work hard for a few years and then enjoy later, you can take the longer route. This route involves giving average effort in a job for the rest of your life.

Option A is better for me. I don’t know about you. It is option A that helps people succeed in life.

10. They take risks

Without risk, there can be no success. Owners bear the risk of losing their hard-earned capital when a money-making system comes crumbling down.

It is this risk that rewards them. If you are afraid of taking risks, just forget the success. Success involves a lot of risks. No risk, no reward.

Final thoughts on how to succeed in life

Success is not easy but it is also not hard to get. You just have to follow the right principles.

As we have seen, the principle of ownership has been working for ages. In all ages of life, people who owned the factors of success made it in life.

I hope I have answered your question. How to succeed in life is an answered question in your life. All the best as you implement the knowledge you have gotten here today.

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