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In this current era, having a happy life is almost a luxury. Many people are living a sad and sick life.

The secret to having a happy life is taking care of your soul, spirit, and body. Avoid anything that brings sickness to any of the three faculties.

When the body is sick, you can never be happy. The same case applies to the soul and the spirit.

The soul mostly relates to the mind. What is the state of your mind? Are you hurting psychologically? The spirit relates to the heart. What is the state of your heart? Are you carrying bitterness, hatred, anger, jealousy?

All these things hurt you as an individual. If one member of your body is sick, you will find it hard to have a happy life.

Having a happy life is better than having all the wealth in the world. It is a priority in life. If you are not happy, nothing else makes sense.

In this article, we will discuss 13 secrets to a happy life. Which one are you not observing?

Secrets to a happy life

1. Focus on your strengths

The reason why most people find it hard to have a happy life is that they focus on their weaknesses. They think they are stupid and good for nothing.

If you want to live happily, you have to focus on what you are good at as you try to improve on your weaknesses.

Everyone has a set of strengths and a set of weaknesses. What matters is what you focus on.

Write down what makes you unique. Similarly, write down what brings you down. Focus on improving your strengths and capitalizing on them. Portray them to others and use them to better your life.

When you are conscious of your weakness, you tend to have it under control. However, it should not be the focus. You are a good person, it is just that you have decided to look in the opposite direction.

2. Do not compare yourself with others

Most people compare their weaknesses with other people’s strengths. This is how you end up hating yourself.

For you to be happy, you have to quit comparing yourself to others. Or at least, if you have to compare yourself, compare your strengths and your neighbor’s strengths. Do not compare what you are bad at with what someone else is good at.

Since I am poor at some things, I cannot compare myself to people who are good at them. I will get discouraged and sad. If you are poor at writing, you cannot compare yourself with me because I can write 2500 words in an hour.

The best benchmark of your achievement is your potential, not other people.

3. Do your best

You have to do your best to be happy. People who do not put their best foot forward are usually guilty and envious of those who do.

If you oversleep, laze around the whole day and waste your time, you will never go to be happy.

You only go to bed happy by realizing that you have seized the day. When you have nothing against yourself.

When you start working hard and becoming productive, you will witness your level of happiness and joy rising steadily.

4. Ignore what you cannot change

Do not focus on what you cannot change. It will just be a source of sorrow for you. Just work with what you have and adapt to the situation.

I have made it a habit to ignore what I do not have control over. This has increased my level of happiness over time.

You have to despise that problem to overcome it mentally. The problem will still be there but it will be none of your business.

Since you cannot change the way you look, ignore it, and focus on what you can change.

5. Take responsibility for your life

Many people fail to live a happy life because they blame others and make excuses. When you blame others and make excuses, you lose the power to change the situation.

It does not matter who caused the mess in your life, it is your responsibility to fix it. It might have been caused by someone else but it is your life. After all, the situation is hurting you not them.

Stop making excuses and focus on fixing the mess. This will make your life happier and enjoyable.

6. Celebrate small milestones

Do not wait until you hit that big goal to celebrate, celebrate those small milestones in life. This will motivate you to keep working on the rest of the goal.

When you do something good in life, treat yourself in a restaurant. Take yourself out and celebrate.

When you do this, your brain will get the motivation to keep getting results.

If your goal is to get one million, celebrate even when you make a thousand.

7. Shed off toxic friends

There are some toxic people in life. All they do is bring negativity. Such should not be in your life if you want to be happy.

Some friends do not regard you or your potential. They despise and degrade you. Such friends are not worth keeping.

If you want to be happy, have friends who lift you. Such friends should encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

Avoid dating/marrying a toxic lover. Your partner should be your first cheerleader. They should be able to see your potential and have the courage to push you towards it.

Eliminate friends who are jealous of you; those who are competing rather than complementing. Some friends would want to see you poor or even dead.

In short, keep off anyone who does not add value to you. Do a relationship audit and weed off those who do not qualify to be your friends.

8. Create wealth

Poverty is a big cause of sorrow in life. When you cannot pay your rent or put food on the table, you can never be happy.

Prosperity cannot buy happiness but it can bring it. If you doubt it, try being wealthy and tell me if you will not be happier.

When you have options in life, your life becomes enjoyable. Of course, you have to observe all the other rules of happiness. No one rule can bring happiness on its own. However, none can be ignored.

To create wealth:

It is that simple.

9. Understand people

To be truly happy, you have to understand the weaknesses of others and avoid magnifying them.

When you understand people, you will never let what they do destroy your happiness and joy.

10. Forgive easily

When people wrong you and you keep carrying the bitterness, you destroy your life. The bitterness and anger have a way of eating you up from within.

With time, it will bring sicknesses like Ulcers, High Blood Pressure, or Depression.

Anger and bitterness also darken your spirit. With time, people will start realizing it. They will say that you have an evil heart and that will be true.

To avoid all these, forgive easily. Forgive people for your own sake. This is because your anger hurts you and not the other person.

11. Think ahead

The greatest cause of sorrow is regretting. Regrets come when you do things that jeopardize your future.

To avoid having regrets, think ahead. Before you act, think. Think of the consequences.

How would you like your life to be in the future? After answering this question, deduce the actions you need to take to get to that future.

If you think ahead, you will eliminate regrets in your life. When you eliminate regrets in life, you will live a happy life.

12. Do what you love

Most people are unhappy at work. This is because they do not do what they love; what brings fulfillment to their hearts.

Fulfillment is a major cause of happiness and joy.

You have to cease working for money and start working for fulfillment. This will bring you more happiness now and in the future.

13. Exercise

Exercise has a way of relieving your soul and making you feel better about yourself. This increases your happiness drastically.

Start exercising 30 minutes every day. Lose or increase weight if you must. In short, feel good about yourself. Be happy being you.

Final thoughts on the secrets of a happy life

You deserve to be happy. However, no one can make you happy, you have to do it yourself.

The secret here is to do what is in your best interest. Avoid jeopardizing your present or future life.

Do your part and ignore what you cannot change. Avoid people who do not add value to your life. Understand people and forgive them easily.

The best way to feel good is to do good. Focus on building wealth and doing good in life. Celebrate small milestones.

In short, be happy being you. These are the secrets to happy living.

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