Facts about money can offend many. You can agree with me that money is an important matter in life but also very sensitive. The majority of people prefer not to talk about it.

When we talk about money, many people become defensive. This is their crafty way of avoiding the fact that they do not have enough. In their defensiveness, it becomes extremely hard to educate them about the subject.

Despite money being integral to our daily lives, only a small percentage of people understand how money works. Other people only know that they need more money. This is why they work every day.

The more people keep running after money, the more it keeps evading. This is because you do not run after money, you attract money. When you get what it takes to attract it, it comes to you effortlessly.

As money keeps running away from people, many choose to avoid the topic. They become victims and bury their heads in the sand to avoid seeing the forest fire. Burying their head in the sand does not stop the fire from burning them.

Let us consider 7 facts that everybody needs to know about money:

#1. Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured

When I talk to people about money, I get this strange question. “Are you saying that success is only measured by the amount of money you get?”

This is a common question amongst people who do not have enough money. Although money is not the only measure of success, money is the measure that people use to gauge the level of success.

Let’s face it.                                                              

Who thinks that a person with no money is successful? The answer is no one. Who does not love to be around a person with lots of money? No one. It is just how it is.

As it is, money is the gauge for success.

You have to convince yourself that money does not equal success. Money, as it is, is a product of success.

#2. Money makes possible the enjoyment of the best the world has to offer

Money gives people options. It makes them have a pool of choices. They decide what they eat, what they do, who they marry, where they go, when and for how long, the means they use, etc.

Even if money cannot buy happiness, money can boost your happiness. If you think that is not true, try asking a person who is facing auction to smile.

Not having money can bring an unbearable sorrow. You can deny it but you cannot avoid it.

#3. Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition

There is no shortage of money in this world. Even in a recession, no money goes to space. Money is still on earth. It is just that it is in shortage in your bank account not in the world.

Some laws govern how people acquire, protect, and multiply money. If you understand these simple laws, the money will come to you easily and effortlessly.

If you fail to understand and live by the rules, you become poor all your life. This is not what any of us want.

#4. Money is a product of effectiveness in service

Money does not follow money, it follows effectiveness. There is a certain way you do things and end up attracting lots of money. It is not attracted to how much you start with but by how you do what you do.

If you can find a way of serving humanity effectively, you will not lack money. You have to have service in mind. You also have to serve people excellently that they choose to pay for your service.

The richest people in this world did not start by wanting to have a billion dollars in the bank. They started by a desire to be effective in solving a need. They wanted to change humanity for good and leave a legacy.

If you can have the service mentality, you can overcome lack and its effects. Be ready to give your services for free when need be. Achieve excellence and mastery and have people pay you to serve them.

#5. Money is to used not stored

People make the mistake of hoarding money. Money hates to be stored. It loves to be used.

Money loves to circulate. This is why it is called currency. If you put money in cash form, it will hate you and you will lose it.

You have to keep exchanging money for assets. Always store your money in asset (Solid) form and not cash (Liquid) form.

#6. Money is not evil; it just reveals the evil in men

Facts about money can never be complete without this one. Money is neutral and righteous. Money has never been wicked. It can be used to do wicked things but it is not evil by itself.

When a wicked person gets money, he uses it to accelerate his wickedness. When the money gets to a righteous person, it helps the person promote and multiply his good deeds.

Look at the good things people are doing using money. Some people are funding foundations using their money. People use money to feed those who are starving, research solutions to major problems, and grow businesses that make our lives better.

Therefore, it is not the money that is evil; it is the person controlling the money. It is very dangerous for a wicked person to have money.

 #7. Money is not the end but the means to an end

This is one of the least known facts about money. Many people desire to have money. After they get the money, they do not know what to do with it. They end up wasting it.

Others say that they will be happy when they get a certain amount of money. They make money the end while as it is just a means to the end.

Your goal should be to impact lives with your money. Earn so much so that you can be able to do much.

Having a bigger purpose as to why you want money will bring fulfillment. If you lack a higher purpose, you will get it and still be hollow in your soul.


As many people become poorer because they do not understand money, do not be one of them. Money is wonderful and we all know that.

Do not allow that negative inner voice to tell you that you do not deserve to have it. Do not let it convince you that you cannot have it. If you abide by the rules, even the sky is not the limit.

Understanding these facts about money will give you great leverage in your financial life.

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