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Excuses and progress cannot live in the same block. When one comes in through the door, the other flies out through the window. They are sworn enemies.

It means that you cannot make excuses and make progress at the same time. You have to drop the excuses to make progress.

Excuses are made as a way of justifying your lack of will to work on something. They are a form of laziness. People who do not want to work on their success will make excuses.

These excuses make them feel good because the burden is off their shoulders. They feel good about their stagnation. They do not feel obligated to succeed when they make excuses. Excuses give them a ticket to mediocrity and stagnation.

In life, we love to pass responsibility for what is negative and get credit for what is positive. We love to blame everybody else apart from ourselves when things go south.

This is an attitude that is in almost all people. However, if you are going to succeed, you have to leave your excuses and take responsibility. If you succeed, it is your doing. Similarly, if you fail, it is also your fault.

7 major excuses that people make.

I do not have capital

This is the greatest excuse that people make. They blame the lack of money for their situation. Lack of money is not a problem. It is only a problem if you make it a problem.

You have to act on your dreams whether you have money or not. Start with what you have and you will get what you want. Money is not a necessity when starting but it is a product of starting.

Just figure out a way of starting even without money. This is what victors do. The victim’s mentality has to go for you to progress.

I am too young/old

This is also a major excuse. People will always blame their age for their situation. “Don’t you see that I am too old to do that?” they say.

I am too young to start a business, I am too old to get a good spouse, I am too young to start investing, I am too old to go back to school, I am too old to read that book, I am too young to become a manager, I am too young to become a politician, etc. All these are common excuses people make with age as the central factor.

You are not too old or young to do anything. Other people are older (Younger) than you who are doing what you want to do. Just tell yourself that you are old enough to do it and too old not to do it.

I do not have sufficient education

Many people blame their level of education on their problems.

You will hear people saying this, “that is for elites and I am not one of them.” “I do not have a degree.” “I dropped out of school.” All these are excuses that inhibit progress.

The level of education that you already have is enough. You do not need to have any further education to succeed.

Even if you never went to school, you can learn on your way up. Self-education is becoming very relevant and useful nowadays. Therefore, not having an education is never an excuse.

I do not know how to do that

No one was born knowing how to do anything. We have all learned how to do what we do. The people who are doing it better have learned how to do it better.

Therefore, if you do not know how to do something, learn.

You can train yourself how to do anything. There are free lessons everywhere on the internet and in seminars. You just need to desire to learn and take the necessary action.

If you cannot do sales, learn. You cannot do business? Learn. You cannot invest? Learn. Numerous how-to books can help you do it. Invest in a course and become better.

I am an introvert

This is also popular. It has held so many people from getting out of their places of residence and showing up out there.

People feel that they should be in the background and not in the front end. These people never try anything in life. They die average.

I also was very quiet when I was younger. I realized that being reserved and quiet will never bring progress. It just makes you fearful and less likely to take initiative.

Being an introvert is something that you can change. You just need to decide to be social and learn how to communicate effectively.

As you start making moves, your boldness will increase and that will no longer be a hindrance.

I am not talented/gifted

The fact that you do not know your abilities does not mean that you do not have them. Talents and gifts exist in all of us.

They are hidden deep within our being and that is why very few people discover them. You just need to look within yourself and you will discover the genius in you.

Everybody is uniquely gifted. This is why you should never compare yourself with anybody else.

The fact that someone else is doing better than you in one area does not mean that they are better than you in all areas. They have just discovered their talent. You also need to discover yours, refine it, and serve it to the world.

No one has ever done it in our family

The fact that it has not been done does not mean that it cannot be done. What has not happened can happen now through you.

Anything that happened was made to happen by people who were no better than you.

Your family has nothing to do with where you are going. Where you come from is a non-factor when it comes to pursuing success.

If no one has done it in your family, it is even better; you will be the pioneer. You will be self-made. Being self-made comes with an internal sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

I do not have time

People blame lack of time because they do not want to do something. Everybody has 24 hours in a day. Those who achieve great things also have 24 hours. Why are you the one with no time?

Time is created. You need to sacrifice some things to do others. This is how we create time. If you sleep for 8 hours, sacrifice some, and improve yourself. This is how you are going to make progress.


Never make excuses. Start taking responsibility for your life. As Grant Cardone says, success is your responsibility, duty, and obligation. Stop blaming people and circumstances.

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