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The number of millionaires and billionaires is on the rise and so is the number of poor people. Massive wealth is being created every day by people who are not any better than the rest of humanity.

According to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report, the number of dollar millionaires has risen to about 47 million in one year (2018/2019). These people hold around 50% of global wealth.

Statistics also tell us that 62 wealthiest billionaires on earth hold wealth equivalent to the bottom half of the world’s poorest people (More than 3.5 billion people).

According to data from Wealth-X, 67.4% of ultra-wealthy individuals in 2017 were self-made. 21.7% were a combination of self-made and inherited. Only 10.9% of this class inherited their wealth.

The mystery                                                 

This data is worrying and challenging at the same time. How would such few people own so much and leave almost nothing for the overwhelming majority?

According to the data, 67.4% of the wealthiest people are self-made. This means that they were never born in wealthy families. In case they were born in one, they never inherited the wealth. They got everything they have on their own.

The mystery here is; what makes self-made millionaires different from everybody else? Is it that they have special resources that are not available to everyone else? Not at all, they came from average families

Is it that they are more intelligent or educated than everybody else? No, the average millionaire has just an average intellectual capacity.


I discovered that what makes the difference between self-made successful people and self-made failures.

The difference between wealthy people and everybody else is in how they utilize the rich environment in and around them.

Human beings are endowed with everything they need to succeed. If it is not in us, it is around us. The greatest assets we need in the journey of success are within our reach. It is just that we do not utilize them.

Wealthy people have learned how to utilize and monetize the natural endowments within them to attract wealth in their environment.

Poor people, on the other hand, cannot see the wealth in them. They only know how to admire and desire wealth without. The more they admire and desire the wealth without, the more it keeps evading them.

If all of us realized that getting physical wealth is a result of utilizing the wealth within us and within other people, all of us would be successful.

No one was born to become a failure. Every failure is self-made. The making of failure is in the failure to utilize the wealth of potential in us. Human beings are unlimited in what they can achieve.

5 free wealth-making resources

Here are 5 resources that are available for all of us to use:

#1. The mind

The mind is the most powerful computer in the world. It can solve anything, create anything, become anything, and even destroy anything.

Your potential to succeed is hidden in your ability to harness the power of thoughts. If you can consistently direct your thoughts in a certain direction, your circumstances will have no choice.

Ultra successful individuals understand the power of thoughts. They use their thoughts to make whatever they want. Their thoughts are the stones they used to make their apartment of success.

Wealthy people use their thoughts to achieve everything they have. They use their mind to come up with the most fascinating ideas that have shaped the world as we know it.

Poor people rarely think. When they do, they think of impossibilities. 90% of their thoughts are negative. They see themselves failing and this is why they do.

#2. Time

Time is the second greatest factor of success we have. Successful people understand the value of time.

This is why they do not sell their time for money. They do not get an 8/9- 5 job to get a paycheck at the end of the month.

On the contrary, successful people buy other people’s time. They hire employees’ time in exchange for money.

Time is a free resource. It is an equalizing factor of success. Everyone has 24 hours and no one is allowed to ask for more. If you can utilize your time efficiently, you can begin to make progress.

#3. Talent and gifts

Talents and gifts have made many people wealthy. Think of Michael Jackson singing, J. K Rowlings writing The Harry Potter, Lionel Messi playing soccer, T.D Jakes speaking, etc.

One thing is clear; these people have discovered their talents. They have also discovered how to earn from them.

Every one of us is talented. It is a natural endowment in all of us. The problem is that many of us do not realize what their area of gifting is. The fact that you have not discovered it does not mean that it is not there.

#4. Knowledge

Knowledge is in all of us. If it is not in you, it is in your neighbor. If you cannot get it from them, you can get it from their books, their blogs, their Facebook pages, YouTube channels, webinars, etc.

Knowledge is a crucial factor of success. The problem is that many people rarely seek it. The average person reads less than one book every year. A majority does not even read any book.

Successful people are avid readers. They give their minds knowledge and their minds give them ideas. If you cannot feed your mind with knowledge, it will never feed you with ideas.

#5. Networks

As I said earlier, what is not in you is in your neighbor. We were created to complement each other. No person is sufficient on his/her own.

Your net worth is determined by the quality of your networks. Your association determines your ascension.

You need to keep making quality friends and keeping them. What you need can be granted to you by someone else just through a mere phone call. You need to know people and have people know you.


Everything mentioned above is free and available to you. It is what the most successful people utilize. Self-made millionaires were born without money. They have earned what they need by utilizing whatever they have.

Before you rule yourself out, remember that 67.4% of ultra-successful people are self-made. Also, remember that 100% of poor people are also self-made.

The decision lies squarely on you. Just make yourself whatever you want. You are the CEO of you.

I urge you to avoid being poor while you are richly endowed. Everything you need is in you or around you.

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