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Leadership is a very important skill for success. Only leaders succeed. This is a statement that is very controversial but it is true. If you are going to succeed, you have to become a leader. I am not talking about getting a leadership position but by becoming a PACESETTER in your field. You have to become the best at influencing people.

If you look at the most successful people, you will notice that they are great leaders even if they do not have any leadership titles. The most successful athletes are those that become the best in races. This is leadership.

Greatness is for leaders

The most successful people in the corporate world are founders and executives; they are leaders. The most successful people in the political scene are those who hold high and mighty positions. The most successful preachers are those that lead big congregations. This means that greatness is tied to leadership.

Leadership is about influence, not titles. It is about the power to have other people believe and follow your path.

What makes a leader?

You may have all the titles and positions but that does not make you a great leader. You may not have any title or position but that does not make you a bad leader. Titles should never be used as a gauge of leadership.

Leaders gain influence over people because they are NOT like them. They are different. Leaders are way ahead of other people and therefore, they become role models that people aspire to imitate. They live an exemplary life that people admire.

Why do we pay to watch athletes and other sportspeople perform? According to Myles Munroe, it is because we admire what they do that we are ready to pay to see them perform. They are so good at it that we enjoy watching them doing it. Why do we listen to great speakers? Because they are excellent at what they do, our money is not as important as their knowledge. This is leadership.

Why do people submit to a religious figure? Because the religious figure has built a reputation and a lifestyle of excellence that we admire to connect with. Excellence will always attract people to other people.

Leaders and their vision

Leaders are also defined by the VISION they carry. A leader without a vision is like a car without fuel. It cannot move. Great leaders have a big vision that they believe wholly in. They can do anything to achieve it. Leaders can do it with or without followers because they have owned the vision. They become so obsessed about the vision that they look like lunatics. When a leader gets to this level, people follow them easily and effortlessly.

Conviction of a vision brings influence.

Great leaders do not think about themselves but other people. They are passionate about the welfare of others. They would rather be uncomfortable in the course of making other people comfortable.

A leader does not influence people by a vision of his own life but a vision of making the world better. If the vision is about making your life better, it will not influence people. People are influenced by people who have a vision about them.

People are generally SELFISH, if you tell them your personal life vision, they will become jealous and envious. They only follow you if your vision is about them. I am not saying that it is wrong to have a personal vision, I am saying that it is not a personal vision that influences people. Keep your vision to yourself, only tell people about your vision for them, not you.

Leaders are good at controlling their lives and having self-discipline. They do not need to be pushed to do something. Leaders have an INTERNAL drive that pushes them to become better every day. They can work on their vision for long without fatigue because of this internal drive. Self-discipline and control is a major key in the process of leadership.

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