My story

Mine is a story of resilience.

I was born in a place called Mombasa, Kenya. My family later relocated to a very poor neighborhood called Gatundu.

In our family, we were extremely poor as we were growing up. Going to school was a struggle because of lack of school fees and eating 3 meals a day was a luxury.

I fell while I was 8 years old and lost my front tooth. My parents could not afford to have it replaced. I stayed without my big front tooth for 15 years. I could not smile or even talk to people because of shame.

All these was a product of victimization in high school. They gave me the name Pengo, a swahili name meaning gap. I cried every night.

Due to poverty, I remember how I survived for long with just one trouser, shirt and a pair of tattered shoes.

Therefore, when I talk of poverty, I have firsthand experience. I know its grip and it is not a good experience.

Due to what I went through, I dedicated my life to teaching people how to avoid financial struggles and become the best version of themselves.

I hate poverty and lack with all my heart and i would not wish it on anyone.

I educate people through writing books, blogs, and publishing magazines. I speak in seminars and conferences internationally to help people get the best out of life.

Fast forward:

I am the CEO of Giimark Education and Publishers and a best-selling author of several books including:

  • The Curse of Formal Education.
  • Managing Your Small Business The Right Way
  • The Power of Self
  • How To Achieve Anything
  • The Science of Success
  • The Divine and The Financial
  • Wealth Creation Made Easy
  • The Ten Commandments of Sales
  • Empowered for Dominion
  • The DNA of High Achievers (High School Edition)
  • The DNA of High Achievers (Campus Edition)

You can get these resources for free on this site.

I have spoken in numerous seminars, conferences and media shows.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Finance plus CFA certifications. I also have a certificate in Digital Marketing and Information Technology Essentials.

Having built high growth businesses and gotten success at an early age, I am passionate about helping others get personal success for the good of the global community.

When I am not writing or doing business, I love playing chess and talking to young people.

Contact me through this email: for questions and compliments. Also, email me for writing or speaking engagements.

You can also follow me on Facebook @Mark M. Gachunga.

I am Married to a beautiful lady called Risper.